Blowing the roof off our faith…

I promised I would blog about it and well here I am. Samm wanted to wait till sunday and now I see why. He is blowing our socks off!!!

Rewind to last thursday. All week I was going between two travel agents trying to get the best price for tickets. They have literally went from 1400 to 2400 in less than two weeks per ticket!!! So I was mega stressed on the phone & on the computer trying to book these tickets. Oh wait rewind even farther. Samm and I had been feeling like we should be stepping out of faith and even though we had no other money except to buy our plane tickets we were supposed to have the crazy faith. However we were scared and afraid that the rest of the 15,000 would not come in. Then what? Well last week monday I got an email from a lady I have been in contact with in NZ. She is about our age and has three boys one named Eli…I know. Her husband did the same thing we are doing, selling it all and going to NZ I think like two years ago. Only God would line my heart up with someone doing the exact same thing. Anyways she emailed me monday and said….

“From our own experience we have found that  God sometimes makes us get out of the boat first, before he shows us we   can walk. I.e. Before coming back here to do our FMS we had no fees what  so ever two weeks before the school, not a single penny, just our flight  money. We were wanting to wait until everything was all in place, money  secured etc before we were willing to take the next step. However,  God challenged us that we were not fully trusting in Him and we felt that       God wanted us to book our flights anyway. This seemed utterly crazy from a worldly perspective, but once we obeyed and took the  next scary step of booking our flights we found that God then started to  provide the fees.

I don’t know what God is telling you guys to do at this time, but I  do know that he is a faithful God and I will continue to pray that He will reveal His will clearly to you. May you know His peace that transcends all understanding at this time.”
We knew that He used that to nudge us. We then knew we were to buy tickets that week. So going back we were freaking out about ticket prices…then one of our agents said “Angie the lowest price is x amount and he said you need about 1800 more dollars.” I hung up and was feeling so discouraged and was scouring the sites to find a cheaper price all the while praying for God to intervene. The phone rang. It was someone who I had only met once like a month before all he said was I have a check for you. I will bring it sunday, In the amount of $1800.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started to do the ugly cry right then and He was all like yeah cool. I was all like you DONT UNDERSATND!! It was the most amazing feeling.
However I was a little worried because I needed to get these tickets that day…God not so worried. We ended up selling our car that night for 3,000 and bought our tickets!
 Remember how she stated that God released the funds after they bought the tickets? Yeah we had four people( some from a total stranger that didn’t even go to our church) come up and give us a check today!! besides the 1800 we made 860 more dollars!! He is so faithful. He doesn’t want out sacrifice first he wants our obedience.
It’s a strange thing. Samm and I are at peace this weekend. We both have said we should be freaking out! We are leaving in 11 days. He is just that good. I pray that whatever thing you need God to come and save the day with you can have the faith to step out in total radical obedience  and know you have to get out of the boat before He will show you how to walk.
Stay tuned I’m sure He will flip us upside down again.
We love you all. Thank you for the prayers and support we can not do this without His people.
Samm & Angie
“For we live by believing and not by seeing.” 2 Corinthinas 5:7